Friday, October 23, 2009


Attention Writers of the Geezer Generation!

The Internet? Of course, who doesn’t know about the World Wide Web of Wonder?

I just returned from a wonderful Pen Women’s Luncheon. The guest speaker was Denise Welch, President of NewMediaID, who spoke on the benefits of using social media tools in today’s marketing world. Of course, unless you’ve been living in a cave, you already know what the internet can do. Don’t you? I thought I did. But, wow, what I didn’t know about marketing would fill Wikipedia’s web-space.

How I wish I’d grown up in this techy age like my grandkids instead of in the 50s, when the most exciting thing for us to talk about was the newest Elvis recording. Don’t get me wrong, the 50s were the most idyllic decade since the invention of Preparation H. We didn’t have air conditioning or seat belts, or Iphones or PDAs, but we had a close connection with friends and family because we didn’t’ always have something crammed against our ear or keyboards at our fingertips…we did something more amazing: we talked face-to-face!

Which is something our prodigy can’t seem to do! Okay, so they can figure out the lift system of the Delta II rocket, but can they talk anymore? Why is it that when you call your grandkids you get: Uh-huh; nothin’; nope, cool, okay; yeah; bye. But watch them text and you think they’re writing the Magna Carte.

So, I guess if you want to communicate with the kidlets, you need to learn to twitter, text and all those techy things, but please don’t use the shorthand stuff: How I hate that stuff. I swear, none of them will know how to write a letter, or even a story, without TX, LOL, BTW and BFF.

So as life moves inexorably forward, we of the Geezer Generation need to move with it or get flattened by some new techy machine, or, hear your little snot-nosed, four-year-old grandkid say: “Grandma, here, let me do it. I’ll show you how.” I could just slap ‘em.

Okay, back to what I learned today: After all the “pay-for” marketing I’ve done, that it’s really all about Google and getting your key-words out there, blog like crazy, getting hits, and keeping current on your website, or “landing-page” as it’s now called by the techy generation.

So, let’s get with it, Geezers. Learn all you can while your brain still has some cells moving around, albeit on walkers. Put down the knitting, the quilting, and get off the rocker and get the word out about your great works. Just Do It:
Internet Market!

Anyone want to share how they made a difference in their sales on Internet Marketing?

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