Saturday, August 13, 2011


A BROAD ABROAD IN IRAN: One Strappy Sandaled Foot Ahead of the Mullahs (during the revolution).

It has taken me a few years go get this off the ground, but off it came and now ready for the editing to start. I would venture a guess that it will take 9,222,034 new drafts, but, hey, what else do I have to do.

Lots of interest coming out for the book, which Iran has spurred on by getting itself into hot water; bless Ahmadinejad’s little black heart!

Writing this book, and reliving everything that happened to me in the 70s, brings back some horrific memories as well as some hilarious ones. I seem to see past problems as humorous after a few years have passed. Hopefully my readers will see humor as well.

The Iranian people that my family dealt with were welcoming and kind; the others that seemed to want the country back in the Old Testament pages, well….they’re still there.

My book starts with my husband’s proclamation that we are to move to Iran for eighteen months for a great job offer. He leaves, and six months later we join him. That six months follows me through trials and tribs, handling four children (two teenagers) and a large house that needs to be sold before leaving the country.

We finally get to Iran in July, where I face culture shock and intestinal shock, intrigue and stoning. But, you can read the synopsis on my website,

More to come……..