Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well, pshaw!!!!!

The cataract surgery was not successful.

It seems that the retinal growth reared its ugly head and decided it wasn’t to be ignored. If the doc had removed the cataract AND the retinal growth at the same time, my vision would be WONDERFUL! I think! However, he felt the two surgeries together might not be the best way to go in my case. He thought by just removing the cataract it would give me enough vision to pass my DMV test in four months. No changes, in fact, I could barely read the line above the 20/40.

What did change, though, with the removal of the cataract, was that colors became so much more vivid and bright. There’s a new world around me now. Up close, that is. My distance leaves much to be desired. I still can’t tell the difference between a theater marquee or a house on fire.

But, I can actually read the text on the television and movie screens. Before the cataract surgery, my husband had to read it to me. You know, such as...Directed by, Produced by; Written by, Grip guy, and other miscellany I really didn’t need to know, but he felt the need to tell me. Probably because his hearing left him a few years back (which he denies; says I mumble my words), and I have to repeat almost every line of every TV and movie for him. What a team! By now I should be a card-carrying SAG member!

So now it’s a waiting game. If the swelling in the retina has receded by my next visit on June 5, they will consider removing the growth; if it has not, then @%@#$@#$!#@, and same for the horse you rode in on!

Will keep you posted.