Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Some of the things I write about in my book: A Broad Abroad in Iran: One Strappy-Sandaled Foot Ahead of the Mullahs, are in this beautiful video that I found on youtube. As you read the book, these sights will come to life.

Persians say that their beautiful city of Isfahan is “half the world.” The 17th-century capital of the Safavids, Isfahan. Incredible bridges can be seen along with the world's biggest square: Naghsh-é Jahan, which was also built in the 17th century in the center of the city. The enormous open plaza is framed by a wall of arches and surrounded by two of the world's greatest mosques; The 17th century Masjed-é Sheikh Lotfollah and the Masjed-é Emam, or Shah, one of the most amazing sites in Iran. Both mosques are of magnificent architecture and covered in brilliant colors of ancient mosaic tiles.

I was so excited to find this video on youtube. It's been since the late 70s, at the start of the revolution, when last I saw these beautiful sights. Living in Isfahan during that period was both exciting and terrifying. I hope you enjoy the video.

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