Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Have you ever said… “Okay, tomorrow I start my... (in my case my manuscript)...” But tomorrow never seems to come. At my age, how many tomorrows do I have left?

Trying to get back to my next memoir, A Broad Abroad in Iran, I was caught up in problems that I soon realized were not going to go quietly in the night.

As I noted in my last blog, this past summer hubby’s Parkinson’s turned ugly and my writing was put on hold. His DBS (deep brain stimulation) hardware began hosting Staph. aurius, the nasty little bugs that like to eat up your good cells. So, the DBS was removed.

So far, the dyskinesia (involuntary movement) has not returned, however, his legs don’t seem to want to cooperate. His balance is precarious and his legs are weak, which makes for strange bedfellows; when he walks, they sometimes go out from under him. As I need to constantly monitor him, the writing and marketing had to be put on hold.

Then, squelching my writing even further, in January I had to have thumb joint arthroplasty (bone on bone) surgery. When I thought I could finally type again, my immune system decided to attack me rather than heal me after surgery, and there went more writing time.

Just when I thought I could start writing again, up jumps the writing demons to thwart me.

But, what is a writer if not an optimist? I’ll keep trying.


Rajan said...

Like you I am a spouse and caregiver of a PD patient. My wife had DBS in Dec. of 2005 and several surgeries since....the most recent in Apr 2009 to reinsert hardware that had to be removed in Dec 2008 due to staph infection...the plain vanilla kind...not aureus. DBS like PD itself is not an event....it's a long and unpredictable journey. I'm not a writer but have been maintaining a blog for a while...take a look...when you're bored sometime :)shellydbs.blogspot.com

A Broad Abroad said...

I will check out your site and get back to you.

A Broad Abroad said...

Rajan, the blog address you left me is no good, will open, says "Address not found"