Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It’s so quiet here on our lake. The trilling and twittering from the gold finches and wrens and swallows that we hear all summer has suddenly stopped. The warbling and chirping that heralds the morning dawn, has also come to a stop. The dive-bombing of the birds to catch insects has also ended, and the lake is still. Geese fly low, just above our dock, honking and telling the world: Look out sun, here we come!

The water beyond our dock, once speckled with mallards, grebes and merganzers has suddenly become flat and empty.

They were here one day and the next they were gone. How do they up and leave so fast? It takes me a month to get ready for the winter and follow the sun south. What type of computer chip is embedded in their DNA that says: “Okay, folks, let’s roll.” What a carefree life they have.

The quail, though, stick around; I think they’re pretty glad the other pesky birds have flown the coop. Now the hills and lake are theirs to enjoy.

When it becomes still on our lake, I know it’s time to start packing. We, like the birds, will head south to a warmer climate, and leave the lake and mountains to the quails.


Gutsywriter said...

It looks like the perfect place to sit and write. No distractions from the outside world. Where exactly is it?
I'd love to see it. Do you have neighbors close by?

dodie cross said...

It's beautiful Lake Chelan in NE Washginton state where we live during the summer. Not bad, huh?

My office is just to the right of the picture, on our east deck, and it's all windows, so I have quite an ihnspiration. However, with my husband's problems have not had much time to be inspired this year.